Mother Noah

An Opera in Three Acts

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Village Presbyterian Church

Prairie Village, KS

You Know His story...

But do you know hers?


Tucked away in that ancient account of Noah and the Ark is a major and curious void: an inexplicable omission. References to Mother Noah—Noah’s Wife—are restricted to just that: “Noah’s Wife”. It is as though she had no existence otherwise. But she did! Now her story begs to be told.

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Mother Noah – An Opera in Three Acts is an independent production funded by individual donors and art lovers around the Kansas City metro. We invite you to subscribe to our blog and join in the amazing process that will bring this unique, touching, and timely story to life on the steps of the beautiful Village Presbyterian sanctuary.

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Thank you for the Materials regarding your work, Mother Noah. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your work. I admire your attention to detail; the orchestral score has a remarkable sonic clarity.

Patrick Summers, Music Director, Houston Grand Opera

Mother Noah is an excellent work. The libretto and music work very well together to tell the very interesting story. The plot is intriguing and it is always enjoyable to see a “new angle” and depth to a tale which has such a familiar basis.

Carson P. Cooman, Composer in Residence at The Memorial Church, Harvard University

Production News

1703, 2020

Casting Call!

Call for Singers: Mother Noah, An Opera in Three Acts is calling to fill 8 Vocal Roles. This premier performance by Kansas City Composer, Dale Ramsey, will take place on a date yet to be determined.